The Austin Community College (ACC) Apprenticeship Office assists departments in finding apprenticeship positions that provide meaningful experiences for their students. We also provide information for ACC students looking for apprenticeships. Please know that the ACC Apprenticeship Office does not work directly with students. The ACC Apprenticeship Office does provide basic information about apprenticeships at ACC. Students seeking advice or assistance with career services are encouraged to contact ACC Career Resources.

In order for students to qualify for an apprenticeship, the following general guidelines should be followed:

    • Students must be enrolled at ACC.
    • Ideally, students should have completed their pre-apprentice requirements and/or enrolled in concurrent Apprenticeship courses.

Students – Contact Your Department Chair to Get Started

If you’re an ACC student, you can start by contacting your program department chair or department coordinator and expressing your desire to participate in an apprenticeship. Send a follow-up email to your program department chair if you don’t hear from them after 7 business days.

Next, get a step ahead by building or updating your resume. Visit ACC Career Resources.