Nationwide, there are apprenticeship programs in more than 1,000 occupations, including jobs in health care, energy, information technology, transportation, and advanced manufacturing, as well as the building trades. Apprentices can be new hires – or current employees. Apprenticeships are a good way to reward high-performing entry-level employees and move them up the career ladder within the business. More than 500,000 apprentices participate in Registered Apprenticeship programs across the country.

Benefits for Business…

    • Highly-Skilled Employees
    • Reduced Turnover Costs
    • Higher Productivity
    • More Diverse Workforce

If you are interested in starting/joining an apprenticeship program, please submit a Request for an Apprentice Form.

Benefits for Workers…

    • Increased Skills
    • National Credential
    • Career Advancement

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re an employer or department chair, please contact:

Edgar Medina, Apprenticeship Coordinator
Austin Community College
Phone: 512-223-7699

If you’re an Austin Community College (ACC) student interested in apprenticeships, please contact the department chair of your program.